European Utility Week 2019 — #EUW19

A data-platform used by utility companies and TSOs for accelerating enterprise digitalisation.

Sesam is a disruptive data-platform delivered as an iPaaS, with origins from the largest utility companies and TSO in Norway. The Sesam data-driven architecture provides an agile way to leverage data from legacy and source systems with easy data-flows for creating new applications and services for the fast moving energy sector. Sesam also has CIM (Common Information Model) modeling and validation features, along with ECP (Energy Communication Platform) reporting, on our semantic data-platform. We welcome you to come talk to us at our exhibition stand C185 located next to the Energy Market theater center November 12-14 in Paris at the European Utility Week 2019.

We will be showcasing our innovative, configuration-driven and cloud-based data-platform leveraging and prolonging the lifetime of core utility applications with data enrichment from ERP, document systems and power grid applications using RDF semantic models, machine-learning classification and prediction for new data-flows, CIM-models, ECP-reporting, asset management and services. We will show how the largest utility company in Norway tore down their data-silos, modernised and democratised their enterprise data.

Enterprise digitalisation has quickly become a key strategy for any modern enterprise and no less important than other any core activity for the world's energy sector. ENTSO-E has been mandated by the European Commission to gather and develop the European energy sector for securing and harmonising Europe's electricity grid. This is all part of the effort in decarbonising Europe and meeting environmental commitments as well as stimulating technology innovation and economic growth in the region. The EU e-Highway 2050 project showed how Europe will benefit through a Common Grid Model (CGM) for a collaborative SmartGrid and unified electricity market for the largest trading bloc in the world of more than 500 million inhabitants.

For a decade Sesam has been involved in the energy sector through our first customer — Hafslund Nett which is the largest utility company of Norway with close to a million customers, and was soon after followed by Statnett which is the Norwegian state-owned Transmission System Operator (TSO). They both saw a need to free themselves from the constraints of needing to wait for vendors of their application suites to implement new features or open their APIs. They both needed to adapt to rapid digitalisation and start implementing changes for e.g AMI smart metering.

For a decade the Sesam architecture has been evolving and maturing into the current powerful and easy-to-use data-platform in parallel with the CIM semantic model to solve the need for a more future-proof and modern integration of all energy sector data onto cloud platforms that are scalable, robust and flexible enough for today's digitalisation strategy. It is a key technology and strategy for solving the needs of coordinating workflows throughout systems and genuinely engaging workers through workforce transformation using innovative and new services tailored to today's digital workers both in the field and at the operations centers.

Similarly the push for privacy and data protection shaped the capabilities of the Sesam data-platform into a new award-winning solution for handling customer data through a self-service portal for customers. The savings for an enterprise with e.g a million customers will just as quickly be in the millions as well, as the cost and burden of actually complying to GDPR requirements when having a vast application portfolio is unsurmountable without automation like the Sesam iPaaS offering.

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