New app, Sesam Key, makes it easy to request access to your personal data and file a subject access request (SAR)

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The new GDPR regulations enable everyone to see what kind of data businesses have stored about them and gain control over the data by filing a subject access request (SAR) and also request a company to erase the personal data it holds on them under the ´right to be forgotten´ regulation. The new Norwegian app, Sesam Key makes it easy for consumers to send requests to international companies to gain access to their own data.

Empowers consumers

"Almost none of us know the complete digital footprints we leave behind, and the amount of data companies have stored about us. Now we make it easy for everyone to access and retrieve information, protect them or demand them to be deleted," says Axel Borge, Head of Sesam from the IT consultancy firm, Bouvet.

"We have been waiting for this," says Torgeir Waterhouse, Director of the Internet and New Media in ICT Norway. He points out that there are many companies that store data about us and it implies a lot of work to contact everyone manually.

Accesses and stores the data for private use later

With Sesam Key, it is easy to access this data by sending a request to all the companies that the user has been in touch via email. When the data is accessed, as required by law, Sesam Key offers the user the ability to store the data safely and privately for later use.

“By taking care of your own data, you can use them later. For example, data from a training app may be valuable next time you buy new sneakers, or data from your car may be useful when purchasing insurance next time. You can also request that the data be deleted," explains Axel Borge.

Contacts businesses and saves time

Sesam Key identifies and contacts businesses on the users behalf and saves them the trouble of sieving through and sending hundreds of requests for access.

“Sesam Key is free. We have not created this service to make profit, but because we believe it is every individual´s right to have access to their own data. We will make it easy for everyone to make use of the new consumer rights”, says Duy Dinh-Steffensen, Business Developer in Sesam.

Sesam Key is today launched as beta-version for both iPhone and Android phones.

Facts about Sesam

  • Sesam is a division of the Norwegian listed consultancy firm Bouvet and provides services that make it easy for companies to collect and own all their data and create better services through improved insight.
  • The Sesam Key app makes it easy for consumers to request access to or deletion of personal data so that consumers can gain control over their own data. The app is free and available for Android and iOS.
  • Sesam also offers a GDPR portal for businesses that make it easy to provide all contacts with verified and secured insight into the information that the company has stored about them to both comply with the law and provide good service.
  • Sesam’s Axel Borge and Duy Dinh-Steffensen are members of the Norwegian hub of It aims to make sure that large companies do not make profits at the cost of your own data.

How the Sesam Key app works

  1. Download Sesam Key for iOS and Android for free.
  2. Select whether you want to request for access (Knowledge), download (Benefits) or delete (Control) of your data.
  3. Log in with a Microsoft or Google Account to access your inbox.
  4. Sesam Key gives you a list of companies you have had a dialogue with via your inbox.
  5. Mark the companies you want to contact for access, download or deletion.
  6. The app sends inquiries to selected businesses through your email and provides you the current status of the inquiries.

If you have any questions, please reach out to:

Axel Borge,, ‭+47 905 92 955‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬

Duy Dinh-Steffensen,, ‭+47 994 45 747‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬