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Enabling Value Added Services for Human Resources

Working effectively with employee data is business critical, and the systems required to process all aspects of the employee lifecycle are increasing in complexity. The scope of services and applications required to manage and self-manage tasks, workflows and processes is growing rapidly.

When each additional application or value-added service that needs to share data is created, the complexity of the data ecosystem grows exponentially. Each new system brought online will require integration and coupling of data with other existing systems, and such complexity growth can slow down new projects and initiatives, reducing agility and increasing time to delivery.

360 degree hr view

Sesam simplifies the required data integration needed when creating value added services and applications, by enabling a mature data driven architecture.

Sesam places the users in the centre of the experience, shaping, merging and propagating data to and from all your data systems without increasing point-to-point complexity.

By forming global datasets that place the employee at the centre of the experience, a wide range of value-added services and applications can be rapidly created, continuously improved and deeply integrated with up to date data from all your systems.

At Sesam we call this the 360° view of Employee

Key Benefits

  • Mature data ecosystem rapidly enhances agility in all projects requiring data integration between enterprise systems
  • Reduced start-up costs and time-to-delivery for value added services and applications
  • User-centric development
  • Easily combine, shape and iterate on rich contextual data to enable new value-added applications
  • Global data sets are re-usable, whilst iteratively and continuously improved by each new application added
  • Easy and consistent data acquisition with standard source connectors l Quickly leverage data from all your systems, including service analytics l Reduced license and operational costs from previous bespoke systems

Data Driven Architecture

Sesam’s data driven architecture evolves legacy point to point systems integrations into modern global datasets created and centred around the data subjects and entities.

from linear to 360 degree hr view

In the context of HR systems, the Sesam global data sets can be centred around the employee. This provides the foundation for creating compelling and focused applications or services directly catering for employee needs.

Data driven architecture is proven to be invaluable when integrating new systems, services or applications. The integration is not required to know anything about any other system, it needs only to know what data it requires. It is able to communicate asynchronously, adding a robust and mature base to synchronise up-to-date data between any other system.

Sesam drastically reduces complexity and fast-tracks what would otherwise become a complex data integration implementation phase of each new application or service delivery.

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