The expectations of a rapidly evolving privacy landscape

The digitisation process imposes new requirements. Digital trust must be built and maintained.

The expectations

  • Cloud iconConsumers and employees (data subjects) have new rights.
  • Cloud iconPeople can start to request access to their data.
  • Cloud iconThe expected number of access requests will grow steadily.
  • Cloud iconThe privacy landscape is evolving rapidly with continuously new privacy regulations (GDPR, CCPA, LGPD etc).
  • Cloud iconSignificant fines threaten if not compliant.
  • Cloud iconThe business must adapt to huge changes and expectations.
  • Cloud iconNeed for better control of personal data within the business.
  • Cloud iconTime, effort and resource investment is required.
  • Cloud iconOrganizations are using more personal data in new ways and thus exposing themselves to new privacy risks.
  • Cloud iconUsers are likely to switch to where their personal information is best cared for.

The challenge

How to control the data – and the costs.
The handling is time and cost consuming.
The handling demands resources and takes away focus from your core business.
Avoid «the death of 1000 shallow cuts»… not only the fines.

The solution

Sesam Privacy Platform helps businesses focus on user Consent and Preference management (CPM) and Subject Rights Management (SRM) in an efficient and cost-effective manner. We deal with the actual data of the individuals.

  • A product for the practical implementation of the analysis and mapping done by the business.
  • A tool for solving communication with the data subject and gaining effective control of the continuous flow of personal information within the business – with the ability to automate the processes, gradually.

The product consists of:

  • Automation platform (the data hub for the business)
  • Self-service access portal (delivering the rights of the consumers)

Sesam - Privacy as a Service

Data processing

  • Cloud iconDetecting changes to the justification for processing
  • Cloud iconRemoving the data
  • Cloud iconAnonymizing the data
  • Cloud iconChanging the data
  • Cloud iconHarvesting the data

Communication channel

  • Cloud iconSecure identification
  • Cloud iconThe data and the processing rules
  • Cloud iconEdit capabilities for changing the data
  • Cloud iconAccess and edit capabilities for consent
  • Cloud iconA portable copy of the data
  • Cloud iconAlert mechanism to data subjects in case of data breach