How Sesam Privacy Platform works

Delivering the rights of the data subject, discovering and giving complete control over personal data stored in the business.

Sesam is a new platform for the most cost-effective and flexible way to manage all the personal data located in an enterprise. Sesam provides unrivalled capabilities for delivering the rights of the data subject, discovering personal data and managing Privacy in non-compliant systems. It delivers this through disruptive innovation and technology, using a semantic data hub that allows the data about data subjects to be collected and connected from many sources.

Both Sesam iPaaS and Sesam Privacy Data Access Portal are provided as a service with a cost- effective pay-as-you-go model. Sesam iPaaS is used to discover, collect and connect personal data from different business applications and databases. The Sesam Privacy Data Access Portal delivers on the rights of Data Subjects. It provides a web interface to understand the purpose for having data and the ability to view, get and correct personal data.

Key benefits

  • Cloud iconDiscover personally identifying information (PII) data
  • Cloud iconFully data-driven
  • Cloud iconFast agile delivery
  • Cloud iconLow-cost of entry
  • Cloud iconReduced project risk
  • Cloud iconOpen flexible platform
  • Cloud iconConnectors for Databases and Application APis
  • Cloud iconSingle API data hub
  • Cloud iconData Anonymization
  • Cloud iconSecure Portal for Data Access
  • Cloud iconAutomate Data Deletion in non-compliant systems

Business Value

Privacy regulations oblige businesses to control the personal data they collect and process. They must also provide their users with insight into these processing activities and an ability to view and correct this data. The cost of this data management, and meeting the insight requests from data subjects can be extremely costly and error prone if done manually. The Sesam iPaaS and Data Access Portal reduces the cost and improves the quality of service in delivering the rights of data subjects.

Technical Description and Features

There are a number of core privacy requirements and Data Subject rights that the Sesam platform delivers on. The following diagram illustrates the core capabilities and flows in a Sesam iPaaS and Data Access Portal solution.

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