Privacy and Personal Data Protection

Solve Subject Rights Management in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Integrate the Sesam Privacy platform into your product or your organisation to automatically handle large number of access requests – without multiplying the costs.

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Sesam Privacy Platform is an award-winning self-service access portal that completely automates data discovery, access of data, consent management, data portability, data anonymization, breach notification and secure login.

Sesam is mentioned in Gartner's reports:

«Market Guide for Consent and Preference Management», February 2019.>

«Emerging Technology Analysis: Consent Management», September 2018.>

«Build for Privacy», June 2018.>

«A Technical Solution Landscape to Support Selected GDPR Requirements», February 2018. >

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Sesam Privacy Platform helps businesses focus on user Consent and Preference management (CPM) and Subject Rights Management (SRM) in an efficient manner. We deal with the actual data of the individuals.

Are you helping clients with privacy compliance issues and delivering data subjects’ rights?

Sesam Privacy Platform is the tool empowering you to serve the client in the best way possible. Being privacy compliant is more than just doing the mapping and documentation. The analysis must be implemented as well. Sesam Privacy Platform gives you an opportunity to advise your clients through the whole process, from assessment to delivering the rights of the data subjects.

Stand out from the crowd and gain competitive advantage. Offer added value to your clients. Help them control the data – and the costs.

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Enhance your product with automatic compliance

Any data processor is required to support the data controller delivering the rights of the data subjects. The Sesam Privacy Plattform can easily be embedded into you product or service offering. Deliver premium data prosessor capabilities without the need to rebuild your service or product. Easy and valuable for you – and your clients.

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Why privacy compliance is important

Deliver the rights of the data subjects. Build your digital trust. Do it automatically for security and efficiency reasons.

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Consumers are increasingly taking their business to where their personal information is best cared for. Successful security and risk management leaders need to support their business objectives with "privacy engineering" to gain a competitive advantage and differentiate offerings in crowded markets...

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