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We do believe that we have a unique product of great value for businesses looking to solve subject rights management for themselves or for clients. We are looking forward to tell you more about our product and discuss partnership.

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Sureway is privacy governance tool for data privacy based on the modern privacy regulations, like GDPR, LGPD, WPA and CCPA. The product is used by 100 Norwegian municipalities, hospitals, universities, communication agencies, salmon farmers, electricity providers, hydro power producers etc. The experience from these projects have helped Sureway to become a market leader in Norway with 2000 unique users each week administrating thousands of processes.

Sureway is fully integrated with Sesam to create more benefit for the clients. Together we can streamline privacy management from record and housekeeping to access of data and administration of consents. Sesam and Sureway can provide a seamless and self-sustained privacy ecosystem.

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